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What Is The Best Wood For CNC Machining?

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     Some of the wood is soft and some are hard. Generally, the wood is soft and easy to carve, and the wood is heavy and hard to cut and carve. The tough wood, fine grain, and bright color are called hardwoods, such as mahogany, boxwood, rosewood, almond wood, nut wood, etc., which have all the advantages of machining, and are the finest materials for carving, suitable for machining complex structures and shapes. The delicate works are not easy to be broken and damaged during the production process and preservation, and have a high collection value, but they are more labor-intensive and easy to damage the bits. The looser wood is suitable for beginners, such as basswood, ginkgo, camphor, and pine. This kind of wood is suitable for cutting and carving works with a simple structure and a more general image. It is also easier to cut and carve, but because of its soft wood and weak color, some need coloring treatment to enhance the sense of volume. Some wood grains are more obvious and varied, such as fraxinus mandshurica, pine, fir wood, etc., you can skillfully use the smooth wood grain and the texture of the wood grain to make some more lyrical works. Generally speaking, the greater the ups and downs of the shape, the richer and more flavorful the wood grain changes; the more tactful and smooth the shape of the shape, the more ideal the effect of the wood grain direction, and even unexpectedly good-looking, rich decorative. Of course, the design of this kind of wood should be based on a high degree of generalization. Too complicated and too small will not only destroy the wood grain, but also cause visual contrast. 



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