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FYI, the ink droplet of Epson XP600 head is 1.5pl, Epson i3200 head is 3.8pl, Ricoh Gen5 head is 7pl, usually the smaller the ink droplet, the higher the printing resolutioin, but opposite the printing speed, the printing speed of Epson XP600 head is about 3-6sqm/h, Epson i3200 head speed is about 8-12sqm/h, Ricoh Gen5 head speed is about 15-25sqm/h, from the head life, the head life of Epson XP600 head is ok about 6-12months, its white head life some shorter about 3 months; Epson i3200 head life is about one year, Ricoh Gen5 head life is about 3-5 years, you can kindly check which printhead type you want to use.



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