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Maintenance and maintenance of woodworking engraving machine

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  Woodworking engraving machine maintenance and maintenance is very important to prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents. Different types of engraving machine daily maintenance of the content requirements are not exactly the same. Here woodworking engraving machine manufacturers to bring you about woodworking engraving machine maintenance and maintenance of common sense:

  1, the machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place (to prevent exposure).

  2, the machine must be equipped with a reliable regulator to ensure ground safety ground.

  3, try not to use the Internet computer output file to the engraving machine.

  4, the machine every month to maintain a time (in the rails plus the amount of lubricants).

  5, the control box to be placed in a well ventilated place, can not be placed in high temperature zone work.

  6, in a certain period of time to check the engraving machine line is loose.

  7, do not in the engraving machine table or head placed debris (with magnetic materials, ultra-heavy items, liquid).

  8, do not let the machine often work in the same corner of the engraving machine table (to prevent the screw, the guide rails often do not contact with the beam and can not be reasonable lubrication).



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