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How to improve the efficiency of engraving machine

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 The low degree of specialized computer engraving machine designed an ideal way for the operator to operate - there was no accident in the process of processing, if this premise exists, this engraving machine work is no problem, but in fact Long time batch processing is not unexpected situation is not there, then work will "not smoothly" the. Mainly: cutting tool is difficult to accurately locate and difficult to repair the work of the lack of processing This may cause: knife knife positioning accuracy is low, affecting the finished product accuracy, the site can not be repaired must be reduced processing to reduce processing efficiency.

  The flow pattern of water in the membrane group is exuded from the inside to the outside, that is, when the injected raw water flows through the membrane group, it exudes exudes through the perforated capillary wall. Membrane membranes in the membrane group are designed to remove impurity particles. The water is pressurized and seeps out of the membrane, while the particles are left on the surface of the membrane. Due to the small size of the membrane pores, all suspended solids, including microorganisms, are effectively blocked, and these particulates are aggregated to form a fouling layer on the membrane surface. Therefore, backwashing must be carried out regularly to remove these particulate matter. By providing different sizes of film group products, suitable for different specific needs, and in order to ensure uniform distribution of water through the membrane, a special grid structure shunt device has been developed and well integrated into each membrane group in.

  When the interference occurs, immediately press the "emergency stop switch" button on the engraving machine, terminate the current processing, check whether the workpiece can be repaired, and then re-fixture, to continue processing. Generally, the list of machining processes listed after programming will give the length of the tool to be extended, so that the interference can be avoided by selecting and clamping the tool as required. So be sure to select the appropriate tool according to the machining depth. When the knife occurs, press the "emergency stop switch" button on the engraving machine to terminate the current machining. Check whether the workpiece is scrapped, and then follow the spindle running program on the spindle for about 2 hours running. If it is a relatively large tool occurs more serious knife, to check the accuracy of the engraving machine is damaged, to allow manufacturers to deal with professionals.

  Some of the cutting pressure is too large, resulting in band saw blade with the deformation of the belt is slightly rotating slightly curled; some saws wheel disc wear deformation, such as the wheel at the mouth of wear, roulette was a trumpet, band saw blade teeth pull Long, such as a negative horn when the band saw blade saw belt back easily broken; due to the twisting force when cutting, band saw blade of the teeth and the back of the two lines of tensile deformation, fracture at the beginning of micro-Alice. When the band saw blade is stretched to the limit state and the force is too long, the band saw blade is broken and rolled up like a spring.



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