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Engraving machine engraving agate emblem has a bottleneck problem

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 Jade carving machine, also known as computer jade carving machine, stone engraving machine is an industry classification, is a recent years a new type of CNC equipment, his working principle and CNC milling machine is very similar. Is the use of engraving programming software to the need to carve the contents of the engraving machine control software can recognize the standard G code to jog continuous way to control the mechanical movement of the three axes, so as to achieve the effect of automatic engraving. Jade carving machine can be engraved on the jade carvings or patterns of Yin carving, Yang carving, line carving, relief effect can be done, but also for other carving materials. Jade, jade, jewelry and mold processing. With the development of science and technology, human understanding of the progress of the machine instead of hand is the inevitable trend of social development. Old mason's retirement, the pursuit of young people on science and technology, so that jade engraving machine came into being. More and more people pay attention to efficiency, pay attention to beauty, pay more attention to health, pollution-free, pollution-free CNC jade engraving machine will become the stone carving industry's main production tools.

  But many buy computer engraving machine processing plant, buy back the machine not only can not generate profits, but only as a pile of waste iron discarded in the corner, look at what is the reason for the original buy the machine when the ambitious, to the later helpless , That white, is the problem of the head. There is no diamond that dare to porcelain live, many are not bit, carved no good goods, so had to give up the machine carving agate, jade and other hard jade material, but even if the soft jade, but also carved no fine items. So there is no practical carving knife to solve the computer engraving machine this bottleneck problem!

  Now there is a German imports of computer engraving machine knife, opened up the bottleneck, whether it is carved jade, or carved agate, jade and other super-hard jade can be competent, the number of domestic computer engraving machine manufacturers as the preferred Machine tool, we may wish to try.



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