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Engraving Processing Procedures And Engineering Realization

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     The traditional teaching method can not be used because of the complicated machining path, various machining methods and the high requirement of machining technology. Before carving, combine the position relation of the product, digital and analog information, processing parameters and process flow, write processing program reasonably and carry out simulation, generate reliable robot executable program, then the robot is imported to automatically carve the workpiece blanks according to the processing program. Taking the processing of four-sided round carving as an example, the design idea of its engraving processing program is briefly explained. The billet shall be larger than and encased in the model to be machined, with a bench reserved at the bottom. In general, the size of the blank relative to the model product is at least 1mm, and the maximum size of the blank depends on the working space of the robot and the length of the tool. The machining accuracy is ± 0.01 mm. 

     Before machining, the product model that needs to be engraved is programmed off-line, and the robot executable program is stored in the robot control cabinet. When starting the engraving robot workstation, the operator selected the robot executable program, start the protective device and engraving electric spindle, the robot into the engraving link. The robot system executes a program to precisely carve the billet to make the robot run automatically. The workstation first completes four sides rough carving, then completes the rotation fine carving. The main process planning and production flow are as follows: “Manual laying blank → starting of workstation → rough carving on the first side of the transposer changing blank → rough carving on the second side of the transposer changing blank → rough carving on the third side of the transposer changing blank → rough carving on the fourth side of the transposer changing blank → Rotary carving on the transposer rotating blank → Manual taking down the finished product after finishing”. During engraving, the man-machine interface synchronously displays the engraving procedure and the work progress. When the engraving operation is finished and is in a safe state, the display device reminds the operator to take down the finished product. In addition to the blank feeding and finished product feeding by manual completion, the entire carving process is completed by the carving robot workstation. According to the complexity of the task, engraving processing time is different, but in different levels of the process of switching to save time than the traditional engraving method.




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