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Design of Control System of Carving Robot Workstation

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     In order to realize the eight-axis linkage between the two-axis linkage and the robot body, the two-axis linkage of the engraving robot workstation needs to be configured in the KUKA Robot Configuration Software Workvisual, and the corresponding interface is connected on the hardware level. 

     The topology of the robot control cabinet, the robot body and the two-axis linkage positioner is shown in figure 4. The original control and drive mode of the robot control cabinet is adopted between the robot body and the positioner of the carving robot workstation. Because the Standard Control Cabinet KPP, KSP and KDC can drive 8 axes, there is no need to expand additional modules, just use special cable to connect each module with the positioner servo drive unit. The robot control cabinet realizes the position control of 8 axes through RDC. 

     The special interface of the control cabinet provides power for 8 shafts. In order to ensure the convenience and safety of carving operation, the workstation is equipped with man-machine interface, safety protection device and dust removal device. The system should reasonably control each component unit, solve the problem of information interaction between each component unit, and realize coordinated operation. Engraving robot workstation with Siemens S7-1200 Series PLC as the main control equipment, the functions of workstation startup, security protection, alarm display and processing tools interact with PLC through Input/Output (I/O) interface. PLC and engraving spindle through I/O interface connection, when the PLC received the touch screen boot signal, the security device and engraving spindle in turn start, call the robot program, drive the workstation to start engraving, the touch screen shows the engraving process . 

    The Master Station PLC and the Slave Station Robot Control Cabinet realize the communication between the master station and the slave station through Profinet. When the robot is running automatically, PLC can monitor the running state of the robot, select the program and diagnose the fault, which has the advantages of real-time transmission of communication information and high transmission rate, the coordination and cooperation among the devices are enhanced, and the production efficiency and system security are improved.



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