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Design of 8-Axis Carving Robot Workstation Based on KUKA

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With the improvement of peoples material and cultural life level and aesthetic concept, various kinds of sculpture with beautiful appearance and complex structure appear more and more frequently in daily life, it makes people put forward higher request to the carving processing. Many industries have strict engraving requirements, such as customized orthopaedic appliances industry needs to make the customer body parts 1∶1 reduction model, because the difficulty is still using hand engraving method. At present, engraving operations using artificial engraving or CNC machine engraving way. The artificial carving time is too long, the manpower cost is too high, harms the worker health. The traditional CNC engraving machine processing size is limited, not enough flexibility, single processing [1] . The above two common processing methods can not meet the requirements of large-scale, complex, high-precision, high-efficiency engraving operations. Six-degree-of-freedom serial industrial robot has the advantages of large operation space, strong flexibility and high precision, and is widely used in handling, palletizing, cutting and welding, with the corresponding fixture and machining tools for the correct configuration and off-line programming design, you can achieve a simple engraving job [2] . In order to improve the flexibility, expand the accessible space, to facilitate better matching carving processing technology, usually using a displacement device to achieve circular carving, carving and other complex carving, can replace part of the manual or CNC machine difficult to complete the work. Usually the effect of double-axis positioner is better than that of single-axis positioner. With the increasing market demand, there are more and more industrial robots working with positioner on the occasions of high precision and wide applicability.



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