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Artech cnc router machine application industry and introduce

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Artech Wood cnc router machine can be used to carving, engraving, cutting use. These three effects will depend on whether your woodworking engraving machine spindle motor power can reach it work load. Generally, if wood cnc router machine for cutting, then it's spindle motor power to be bigger. If your wood cnc router machine is used to make a simple door, then the spindle motor power can choose a small number of the. wood cnc router machine can be used for woodworking industry, advertising industry, craft gift industries.

Wood furniture production and other industries, it is mainly applied to three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, wooden craft, rabbit paint doors, screens, technology fan window processing, shoe polisher, cabinet panels, mahjong table, computer desk and furniture products, secondary processing.

Advertising industry, it is mainly applied to advertising signs, sign making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, a variety of materials advertising the production of decorative products. Craft industry, it can be used for a variety of large-scale relief sculpture, shadow carving.

Wood cnc router machine is a wood processing machinery, in recent years in the advertising industry, wood processing industry uses the more common form of woodworking CNC equipment, depending on the engraving machine control, it can be divided into: arithmetic functions by computer-controlled, single-chip control, USB port to transfer data in three ways. Here are three control modes on this detailed description.
One is the operational work is defined by a computer-controlled, all computing tasks engraving machine is controlled by a computer to complete, woodworking engraving machine at work, the computer is in working condition, but it can not make other typesetting work, so, it is likely due to a computer malfunction caused by waste phenomenon;

Another is the engraving machine adopts MCU control, so, you purchase engraving machine at work, you can layout the same time, but can not turn off the computer, use this control method, it can reduce the computer caused by misuse waste; the last one is to use the USB port to control transmission of data, the system has more than 32M of memory, when we save the file, it can be completely out of the computer, turn off the computer or other typesetting, this approach can be a substantial increase in work efficiency. You can choose your wood cnc router machine according to your needs.



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