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6axis 7 Axis Robot Arm CNC router for 3D Sculpture Wood Foam EPS Mould

The robot cnc router Is controlled by an industrial robot arm electric spindle (the electric spindle in the
mechanical arm can be processed at any Angle within the scope of work, as well as multiple spindle automatic
programming software (SmartMill) and used to control the operation of mechanical arm (RobCode), the software
can realize the automation of complex three-dimensional modelling sculpture processing
Company Introduction
Artech is comprehensive in the production, design, manufacturing, trade and service of CNC machine, and provide high quality and
good efficient CNC machines worldwide. With a strong staff team, "Brand ArtechCNC" gained success in woodworking engraving
machine, advertising engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal engraving machine, laser engraving machine and laser
cutting industry equipment. The production facilities occupies China's forefront in development and expansion.

6axis 7 Axis Robot Arm CNC router for 3D Sculpture Wood Foam EPS Mould1

Robot arm Yaskawa
Controller Yaskawa YRC1000
Motor Japanese Yaskawa
load 50kgs
repeat accuracy +-0.07
Spindle 6kw
Rotary 600mm diameter
ARM L 1500MM

6axis 7 Axis Robot Arm CNC router for 3D Sculpture Wood Foam EPS Mould 2

Direction for use
Robot arm has six axis of rotation, if you have needs, you can add other axis, for example, controlled by the blessing of 
workpiece rotary worktable system, or mobile robots can install in a robot on the guide rail mobile base, suitable for
processing a large product

Application fields : senior sculpture handicraft, wood carving handicraft processing, non-metallic mold machining, 

casting products, sanitary ware products model processing, etc. Robot working process: 1:Through the three-dimensional 

modeling software (such as ZBRUSH, FF engraving pen, 3D Max, Rhino, Maya, etc.) designed to get 3D model of the product,

or by 3D scanning export 3D data sample. 2:With multiple spindle automatic programming software (SmartMill1.9) transferred to

3D data (STL) make up processing tool path , calculate the processing code (G code) 3:(RobCode) software will be 3-5 axis

machining cutter path carved into robot trajectory

Package and Delivery of small wood cnc router: Package Detail:
1.Outside package:Standard plywood package.
2.Inner package:Stretchy film and plastic film for humidity. And we can package according to your requests.
Delivery Detail: For atandard machines,it will be 20 working days after payment;For non-standard machines
and customized machines according to clients' specific requirements,it will be 15 to 30 working days after payment.

6axis 7 Axis Robot Arm CNC router for 3D Sculpture Wood Foam EPS Mould1

After Sales Service
1. Engineers availbal to service machinery overseas.
2. 1 year guarantee for whole machine.
3. Technical support by phone,e-mail,whatsapp and skype.If you have any problems,we will within 12 hours to solve it.
4. You will be get free training advice towards our machine in our factory.
5. If you need any component of the machine,we will provide the best price for you.
6. Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.
Q1 For offer the most suitable machine,how should i do ?
1).The exact material you want to engrave/cut? (such as wood, acrylic, cloth, fabric, leather, metal.... ? )
2). For the Spindle Power, may I know the cutting or engraving depth you want?
3). The working area you demand? (such as max dimension of material, width*length,1200*1200mm,1300*2500mm,2000*3000mm, etc...
4). Do you want to engrave on planar &flat surface or round &curved surface?
If yes,the machine shall be added optional items, such as rotary attachment. if you can provide some pictures of your
products,that would be great! after your tell us these,we will send you more information about the machine and price.

Q2.If we donot know how to use the machine,can you teach us?Yes,we will ,if you come to China,we will offer you free training
until you can use machine freely.And if you are busy ,we will have the special engineer to your country,but you need to bear some
fee, like tickets and hotel and meal.

Q3.How about your after-sales service?
we offer you 24 hours service phone,skype or MSN.

Q4.How about your guarantee period?
one year and during the time,if you have any questions ,we will solve it for free.

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