What is the most complex design you foresee engraving?

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What is the most complex design you foresee engraving?

What is the most complex design you foresee engraving?

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Thecomplexityofthedesignisanotherimportantconsiderations.Whatismeantbythisisprimarilytheoverallsizeanddepthofcutperaxis.DoyouplantousetheCNCrouterforengraving,carving,drilling,oralloftheabove?  Thever

  The complexity of the design is another important considerations. What is meant by this is primarily the overall size and depth of cut per axis. Do you plan to use the CNC router for engraving, carving, drilling, or all of the above?

  The versatility of this machine is one of it primary appeals. However, with its ability to engrave, carve, and drill there are drawbacks, such as speed. Now for the most part, this is not an issue. In most applications CNC Routers are quite fast and probably the fastest machine for the work.

  However, if you are planning on only using this machine for cutting 2-D metal plate for example, a CNC water jet or CNC plasma machine would probably be more efficient.

  The second considerations is overall size and depth of cut. Most CNC Routers are only equipped for 2.5-D cuts. Which is to say they are limited in one dimension as to how far they can cut without disrupting other surfaces. Imagine a sphere protruding out of a board.

  A standard 3 axis machine would not able to cut that piece if the sphere protruded any further than halfway. However, there are multi-axis CNC machines which we will get into later.

  There are also overall size considerations. CNC routers are great for larger cut and for small. However, if you are cutting very small parts then the chances are you may need a CNC milling machine. Which brings is to our third question.