Engraving work in engraving machine

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Engraving work in engraving machine

Engraving work in engraving machine

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1,everydaybeforeprocessing,whatshouldbedonetopreparework?  Afterthestartoftheneedtocompletetheworkis:  1)machinecheckspindlecoolingwater;  2)bootlowspeedidlingspindle5minutes;  3)Ifthemachineisnotrunn

  1, every day before processing, what should be done to prepare work?

  After the start of the need to complete the work is:

  1) machine check spindle cooling water;

  2) boot low speed idling spindle 5 minutes;

  3) If the machine is not running for a long time, you should first run the machine on the full run, run-in time about 2 hours on it.

  4) The new spindle motor needs to be running.

  5) When using JDHMS and JDCARVER machines, pay attention to machine lubrication every day when you turn on the machine.

  2, in the processing process, should pay attention to those problems?

  In the processing process, we should pay attention to the protection of various machine tools.

  1) to protect the knife, do not let it too much by the erosion of oil.

  2) should pay attention to the control of debris, fly ash on the machine tool is very dangerous, fly to the control cabinet will lead to short circuit, fly to the rail will reduce the life of the lead screw, rail, so in the processing, The main part of the seal is good.

  3) When moving the light, do not pull the lamp, so it is easy to pull the lamp.

  4) in the processing process, do not close to the cutting area to observe, so as not to fly to the eyes. When the spindle motor is spinning, it is forbidden to perform any operation on the work surface.

  5) in the switch machine door, do not Meng Meng Meng Guan, in the finishing process, the door during the impact of vibration, will lead to the processing of the surface of a knife pattern.

  6) to the spindle speed, after the start processing, or because the spindle from slow, resulting in not reach the desired speed to start processing, so that the motor suffocated.

  7) Do not place any tools or workpieces on the beam of the machine.

  8) is strictly prohibited magnetic suction cups, dial indicator and other magnetic tools placed in the electric control cabinet, otherwise it will damage the monitor.

  3, in the processing process, caused by the main reason for the knife?

  Errors caused by the operation of the knife include:

  1) change the tool forget to modify F8;

  2) new workpiece processing forget to set F9;

  3) want to press ALT + U wrong into ALT + D, resulting in Zha knife.

  4) on the tool position Z to the value is too large, when the tool out of the length of a long time, the knife, the tool directly tied to the knife.

  5) processing a period, found Z to point knife point error, adjusted, did not end processing (ALT + S) to continue processing led to a knife.

  6) after the knife, did not modify the knife point or the wrong point to define the knife point, resulting in knife.

  4, how to reduce the knife?

  Operating habits is the main way to reduce the knife, these habits include:

  1) After reading the file, check the file size range, remove the file output, copy, open the process may be errors, and confirm the processing range.

  2) start processing, develop the habit of testing, try to cut the way is to reduce the F8 began processing, and so everything is normal and then return to normal depth.

  5, in determining the knife point to pay attention to what?

  Our control software will be the last time, in the same position to open the same file name of the knife point, automatically brought into. This is very good for repetitive processing. But in a number of documents processing a workpiece, it may be brought into the other knife point. In the control software has a history function, so, in a number of documents processing parts, we should pay attention to the use of historical records, check the knife point is consistent.

  We are in determining the X, Y to the knife point is not always use the same area within the range, this will exacerbate this section of the guide rail and screw wear, reduce machine life. In general, the operator should ensure that the machine runs every week within its scope of work. This is to provide a uniform oil film on the linear guide and ball screw.

  6, the new knife processing process appears to hold back the phenomenon, processing is very laborious, then need to adjust those parameters?

  Processing is very strenuous because the spindle power, torque can not withstand the current cutting amount, a reasonable approach is: to re-make the path to reduce the depth of the knife, slot depth, trimming amount. If the overall processing time is less than 30 minutes, you can also adjust the cutting speed to improve the cutting state.

  7, what is the role of cutting fluid?

  Metal processing pay attention to cooling oil. The role of the cooling system is to take away the cutting heat and dust, the role of lubrication to the processing. The coolant removes the heat from the cutting and reduces the heat transferred to the tool and the motor and improves their service life. The fly to take away, to avoid the phenomenon of secondary cutting. Lubrication can reduce the cutting force and make the process more stable.

  In the copper processing, the choice of oily cutting fluid can improve the surface quality.